Bright Health illuminates the Heart of Corktown

By Elspeth Chalmers –

Nestled in the heart of Toronto’s historic Corktown neighbour­hood, Bright Health stands as a beacon of holistic healthcare. Dr. Crystal Draper, a seasoned chiropractor with 13 years of practice under her belt, is the visionary force behind this com­munity-focused clinic. Special­izing in women’s health, preg­nancy, postpartum, and pediatric care, Draper’s mission is more than just healing—it’s about fostering a sense of belonging.

“I’ve always had a fami­ly-based practice, but with a special area of interest in wom­en’s health and pregnancy, post­partum, and pediatric care,” explains Draper. “Our main ob­jective is really just that sense of community and integrating into the neighbourhood.”

Bright Street, where the clinic is located, holds historical sig­nificance within Toronto, and it’s this rich heritage that in­spired the clinic’s name. “Bright Health CO was birthed to pro­vide a bright approach to your health,” Draper adds.

What sets Bright Health apart is not just its dedication to spe­cialized care but its seamless integration into the Corktown community. Draper herself is a proud resident of the area, liv­ing just north in Regent Park. “I walk everywhere, and it’s nice that I run into people on the street. It all goes back to that sense of community,” she em­phasizes.

Dr. Crystal Draper, owner of Bright Health. Photo courtesy of Bright Health

The decision to set up shop in Corktown was a deliberate one. Draper has small-town roots in Bobcaygeon and finds comfort in the familiarity of a tight-knit neighbourhood, even within the bustling city. “The fact that you walk to the coffee shop and peo­ple know your name… it’s the true sense of community.”

While the neighbourhood has evolved over the years and new developments have brought more options for residents, the enduring loyalty of long-stand­ing patients remains a testament to Corktown’s enduring char­acter. “I’ve noticed a younger demographic and more working professionals and younger fam­ilies, which is also a motive for why we opened the clinic here.”

Draper’s passion for support­ing pregnant and postpartum women is palpable. Her journey began organically, sparked by her experiences as a chiropractic college instructor. Recognizing the lack of research and support in this area, she committed her­self to bridge the gap. “It creat­ed this passion for me to want to support that population base and provide them as much ease and comfort during such a special time,” Draper shares.

This commitment extends be­yond pregnancy, encompassing the postpartum period and pedi­atric care. Draper has carefully curated a team of practitioners who share her commitment to women’s health, including chi­ropractors, an acupuncturist, and a lactation consultant. Together, they conduct workshops to em­power and educate residents.

Bright Health stands as a tes­tament to Draper’s unwavering dedication to building a bright­er, healthier, and more connect­ed community. “Whether it’s a question you have or a health­care need, know that we are here to support the community in all capacities. We welcome a stop in and hello or joining our workshops or engaging in some of our services.”

In the heart of Corktown, this clinic shines as a guiding light for all seeking holistic and com­passionate healthcare.