Advocating for positive change in the Moss Park community

By Kais Azad, Building Roots and Coalition Coorindator

In 2013, Building Roots was founded to address the lack of fresh food access and agricultural growing space in Toronto. We believe inadequate food systems are a by-product of greater social issues. Without healing our roots, we cannot make progress on issues such as poverty and social isolation.

The Moss Park Coalition is an essential part of Building Roots. The coalition works to ensure that the Moss Park community is heard in planning the
many developments expected. The goal is to facilitate community-led decision-making and increase awareness about changes that will affect Moss Park, including construction of the Ontario Line and its Moss Park station at Sherbourne and Queen, and large-scale condominium developments.

The community coalition – residents and leaders, organizations and businesses – is engaging stakeholders through public meetings and outreach, presentations and community walks. We’ve heard concerns for the unhoused, community benefits and the anticipated disruption from the subway station construction.

Building Roots is an important component of the Moss Park Coalition and regularly engages with residents and larger community stakeholders. Having years of direct involvement with Moss Park, Building Roots focuses on ensuring that community concerns are heard.

Priorities of Building Roots and the Coalition include:

  • Beautification of the park and a top-tier community centre.
  • Both serve as community
    anchors and enable key services
    and space for growth.
  • A social development plan
    (SDP) for Moss Park as a collaborative
    effort to bring longterm
    community improvement.
  • Community Benefits. The
    Moss Park community is often
    left out of community opportunities

Along with residents, the coalition advocates for community benefits, including meaningful jobs, affordable living and resources to improve day-to-day lives.

Building Roots and the Moss Park Coalition encourage community members to join this meaningful work employing your specific skills. Involvement opportunities include community information sessions, attending coalition meetings, social media advocacy and public outreach. Through advocacy and support, we hope to ensure a vibrant community in Moss Park for future generations.

Every Saturday, we staff the Coffee & Conversations table at the Moss Park Market. Or contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]