About Us

the bridge is a monthly community newsprint circulating in Toronto’s downtown east. A commitment to local coverage, this periodical strives to source up-to-date activity and diverse interests from heritage, planning, culture, development art and opinions.

Meet Our Team

<strong>Andre Bermon</strong>
Andre Bermon

Community enthusiast and resident of Queen Street East since 2011. Andre started the bridge community newspaper in late 2019 to provide a platform for residents and businesses in the downtown east area.

<strong>Eric Mills </strong>
Eric Mills

Copy Editor
Long-time Toronto resident Eric Mills is a former journalist and for many years a freelance editor. He has a passion for cycling and progressive politics in diverse, sociable and sustainable communities.

<strong><strong>Bruce Bell </strong></strong>
Bruce Bell 

Senior Columnist
Bruce’s mission is to tell Toronto’s history through his tours, writings and lectures.
Bruce is a five-time nominee for the Order of Ontario for his work interpreting Toronto’s past. Before joining the bridge, Bruce was the history columnist for the Bulletin Newspaper for 19 years. For more information and photos please visit Bruce’s website.

<strong><strong>Ben Bull</strong></strong>
Ben Bull

Ben is a father of four living in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood. He grew up in Leeds, in the north of England, and moved to Canada 25 years ago, ‘for love’. His passions are cycling, football, writing, strumming his guitar (badly) and urban planning. He is onto his third career, and hopefully his last, working in IT. He has previously worked as a Registered Nurse and a Shelf Salesperson.

<strong><strong>Julia Simioni</strong></strong>
Julia Simioni

Senior Reporter
Julia Simioni is a Senior Reporter at the bridge. She recently graduated from the Ryerson School of Journalism and has won multiple awards for her journalistic work. Previously, she was the Newsletter Editor and Sales & Sponsorships Editor at the Ryerson Review of Journalism (RRJ). You can find more of her work in the RRJ, Ottawa Life Magazine, and on J-Source.

<strong><strong>Carol Mark</strong></strong>
Carol Mark

Carol Mark believes “art can change the world” demonstrated by her involvement in local and international communities. She is an activist for human rights with an emphasis on women and children. Carol established ACA Gallery 2004-8 (art, culture, aid) based on “art can change the world” and was the first global social enterprise art gallery raising awareness and funds. Carol is the founder of The Amazing Moss Part Art Collective, established in 2000 to engage the community through art.
Instagram @amazingmosspark

<strong><strong><strong><strong>Glenda MacFarlane</strong></strong></strong></strong>
Glenda MacFarlane

Book Review Columnist
Glenda MacFarlane is a writer and editor. Glenda’s writing includes the rural community-based collective creation Railroaded, the historical drama Duel at Dawn, and two non-fiction books. Glenda has also had many dramas produced by CBC Radio, including the award-winning D-Day tribute The Final Hour (co-written with Dave Carley.). Glenda is currently the Series Editor for Scirocco Drama, an imprint of Winnipeg’s J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing. She also teaches Writing for Actors at the Toronto Film School.